More than 40 years of training experience for software development methods I would like to pass on to you. As an accredited partner of IREB and iSAQB, I will train you not only in all topics related to agility, but also in classical requirements engineering and software architectures.

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Through assessments, impulse consulting, coaching, reviews and audits I make your team fit for the project. Often Training on the Job (learning on the basis of your own task) is the most effective way to better development processes.

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Peter Hruschka is a partner in the Atlantic Systems Guild. Together with Tom DeMarco, Tim Lister, Steve McMenamin, Suzanne and James Robertson, he has been working for many years to make systems and software development more transparent, effective, pragmatic and thus more successful.


We’ve spent a long time looking at what makes for a good and bad working atmosphere and how corporate culture leads to certain patterns of behavior. Read more in the two new books from Carl-Hanser.

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We are happy to share our knowledge not only in seminars and coaching, but also in book form.

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We can’t stop writing …

Alone, in pairs, in threes, or with all my Atlantic Systems Guild partners, we are constantly writing new books or updating our books. These are just a few of our publications. You can find out more here