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The offer includes everything around the topics „Better software and system engineering“: from taking stock of your „State of the Nation“, strategic goal planning (with regard to software technology), seminars and workshops to acquire basic knowledge, to project support in the form of coaching and consulting, and reviews and audits of acquired results.

The cycle can last 6 - 12 months for a single project team, and 1 - 5 years for entire departments with multiple projects. The end result is a motivated, well-trained and successful team.

The Beginning…

"State of the Nation" Assessment (2-3 days)

In a discussion with management, department heads, project managers and employees, the initial situation of your software and system development is examined. If desired, also in cooperation with partners of the Atlantic System Guild or other German partners.

Result: concrete action notes and setting of priorities.

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Where do you want to be in 1-5 years?

Goal planning (1-3 days)

In a joint discussion with groups or department heads, a realistic target is outlined for 12 months, 3 years or 5 years (depending on group size and initial situation). Necessary training measures, tool procurement, accompanying measures, organizational embedding, etc. are planned.

Result: An „outline roadmap“ for the defined period with a rough overview of efforts and costs.

The Education…

Seminars & Workshops

All courses and workshops are individually adapted to the level of training of the customer. Therefore the duration may vary.

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The Aftercare…

Consulting & Coaching

After completion of the basic seminars mentioned above or with suitable previous training, I supervise teams in the implementation of software engineering methods and procedures in practice through consulting or collaboration in ongoing projects. This ranges from „implementation of what has been learned“ to on-the-job training for particularly time-critical projects. The team is given a contact person so that questions are answered as quickly as possible and erroneous paths are avoided.

Normally, the consulting rhythm is somewhat more intensive at the beginning of the project, e.g. 2 - 3 days per week, can be reduced to 2 x 2 days per month after 1 - 2 months and to a few days per month or quarter after half a year. The supervision is gradually scaled down depending on the learning progress of the project team. Often the supervision then ends in quarterly or semi-annual reviews (see next point).

The End… or the Beginning?

Review & Audits

I provide reviews of the results or process audits to teams that have been using methods and processes for some time and want external quality assurance or are looking for potential for improvement. For my preparation of reviews the rule of thumb is: approx. 1 day per centimeter of paper. The results of reviews and audits may lead to suggestions for targeted training in one area or another, or for the need for project support.

The topics cover the whole area of software technology, in particular e.g.
- Reviews of business process analysis models
- Reviews of requirement specifications
- Reviews of architectures/designs
- Audits of development processes, use of methods, procedure models, …